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 Powerful Tools to Manage Your Auction Event

Welcome to AuctionAffaireTM

AuctionAffaireTM is an exciting product designed to make the process of managing auction-related fundraising events efficient and even fun!

AuctionAffaireTM takes the complexity and frustration out of managing Guests, Donors, Items and Volunteers.

Based on our many years of auction experience, organizations face the same challenges year after year which include:

o Catalog Creation Confusion
o Duplicate Data Entry
o Check-In and Checkout Chaos

To avoid such problems organizations need a tool like AuctionAffaireTM to get the job done efficiently. Click on a link to the left to learn more.

In addition to good tools, an organization also needs good process.  AuctionAffaireTM was designed with auction process best practices in mind. 

You can download our "Auction Best Practices" free here.


You can download a Free Demo Version of our software here.

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