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Our clients references are our best source of new business for AuctionAffaireTM.  We encourage you to contact any of the organizations below.  We have provided both a management contact and a user contact to provide the big picture and "in-the-trenches" assessment of AuctionAffaireTM's value. 

Click on an organization below for comments and contact information.

Organization:  Arthritis Foundation of Los Angeles, Valley Branch (
Location: Encino, California
Contact: Ms. Patty Williams, Executive Director (818-995-7378)
Comments: "AuctionAffaire is a great tool for managing auctions from A-Z!"
Auction Info: ~400 Items; ~150 Guests

Organization:  FACETS (
Location: Fairfax, VA
Contact: Paul and Bonnie Hopler, Event Chairpersons
Comments: "We wanted to computerize our annual auction, and AuctionAffaire made it possible.  In addition to keeping good records of donations and attendees, it was invaluable while preparing the auction book, item stickers, table tents, and related items.  We look forward to using Auction Affaire in 2004."
Auction Info: ~325 Items; ~175 Guests

Organization:  Heart of Los Angeles Youth (
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Contact: Rebecca Clark, Administrative Director
(213) 389.1148 ext. 224
Comments: "We used Auction Affaire for the first time at our annual fundraiser, Holiday of the Heart, this past December [2003] and were thrilled with the results. AuctionAffaire's support was awesome from beginning to end.  The software was very user friendly and produced great reports after the event.  We will look forward to using AuctionAffaire for all our fundraising events in the future!  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions."
Auction Info: ~275 Items; ~400 Guests

Organization:  Pacific Asia Museum (
Location: Pasadena, CA
Contact: Ms. Sian Leong
Special Events Coordinator  (626-449-2742)
Comments: "With AuctionAffaire our auction ran more smoothly than I could have ever hoped. Many of our guests commented on the improvement in the auction checkout system compared with prior years. With 450 Silent Auction objects, 25 Live Auction objects and 900 guests, I cannot imagine coordinating all of the purchases and buyers without the AuctionAffaire system. I will never again do our event without the software."
Auction Info: ~450 Items; ~900 Guests

Organization:  Pacific Oaks Children's School (
Location: Pasadena, CA
Contact: Ms. Sandy Galin, Director of Development (; 626-397-1314)
User Contact: Ms. Julie Giulioni (Contact Information Available Upon Request)
Comments: "I couldn't be more pleased with AuctionAffaire.  From start to finish, the software was easy to use and made every part of the event run more smoothly.  Guest logistics, reporting, even printing the catalogue were all done with the click of a button.  And, to have preliminary silent auction totals before the live auction even began really helped to drive up the bidding.  Add to all this the helpful and customer-focused AuctionAffaire staff and you've got an unbeatable package!"
Auction Info: ~225 Items; ~300 Guests

Organization:  South Pasadena Education Foundation (
Location: South Pasadena, California
Contact: Ms. Terry Granath, Director (626-441-5810 x1164)
Comments: "We used AuctionAffaire software last year at our event and were amazed at how much it helped us pull all the details together.  We could easily track everything from ticket sales to the steady stream of auction items coming in, the bundling of items into themed baskets, the creation of the event catalog, and the sale and distribution of auction items at the event...This software was definitely designed by someone who has run an event from start to finish.  It is a simple, affordable solution to a potentially overwhelming task.  We look forward to using it again this year."
Auction Info: ~325 Items; ~750 Guests






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