AuctionAffaire Auction Event Management Software

 Powerful Tools to Manage Your Auction Event

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
o Easy to Learn o Rapid start-up
o Easy to Use o Requires only basic computer skills for staff and volunteers
o Provides a Process/Framework to Manage Your Work o No reinvention of the wheel; avoid common pitfalls
o Consolidates in One Place All the Data Needed to Create Professional Auction Materials  o Avoid duplicate data entry
o Multi-Platform: Works on PC and Macintosh o Works with existing hardware
o Integrates with Microsoft Word o Allows full customization of output
o Tracks Multiple Events o Reduces duplicate data entry; consolidates data in one system
o Multi-User Capable o Allows separation of data entry and event management (e.g. Guests data vs. Donations)
o Customizable User Privileges by Module and Event o Provides Data Control and Security
o Data Import and Export Capabilities from Other Systems and Other Auctions with AuctionAffaire o Allows for interfacing to/from other systems and reduces data entry



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