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Pricing and Purchase Info

AuctionAffaire is based on the pricing below.  Click here to purchase.

Single User Version
First Year Cost* $600 + tax
Annual Support and Upgrade Fee** $150 +tax


Multi-User Version

First User

Additional Users
First Year Cost*

$600 + tax

$100 + tax per user
One-Time FileMaker Pro Cost***

~$150 + tax

~$150 + tax per user

Total First Year Cost

~$750 + tax ~$250 + tax per user
Annual Support and Upgrade Fee**

$150 +tax

$50 +tax per user


Consulting Services

Our staff is ready to assist you in the planning and execution of your auction, including assistance during the event.  If you require assistance over and above the included phone support, please contact us regarding availability and rates.

All software and user materials are delivered via Web download. 

* First Year Cost includes up to 3 hours telephone support in first year.  See above for additional consulting services.

** Annual Support and Upgrade Fee is mandatory.  AuctionAffaire will cease to function on the 1 year anniversary of activating the user license in the software unless supplied with a renewal code.  The Annual Support and Upgrade Fee provides you with up to 3 hours of telephone support and software upgrades as they are released.

*** Qualified non-profit organization price from FileMaker Corporation.  Proof of 503c status required for purchase at this price.  List price is $250.  Lower pricing may be available on the Internet such as eBay, etc.










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