AuctionAffaire - System Requirements

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System Requirements

AuctionAffaire is the only multi-platform auction management system that doesn't use a web browser.  AuctionAffaire works great with PCs and Macs.

Minimum PC Requirements Windows 98, Pentium Processor, 128MB RAM
Minimum Macintosh Requirements G3 Processor Above (iMac or better); OS9 or Above

AuctionAffaire uses FileMaker Pro* as its underlying database and can run on PCs and Macintosh computers.

In single user mode, purchase of FileMaker Pro is not required. 

In multi-user mode, organizations must purchase FileMaker Pro 6 in addition to AuctionAffaire.** 

*FileMaker Pro, is made by FileMaker Corporation.  By using an industry-standard database such as FileMaker, HSE can rapidly upgrade and modify AuctionAffaire to meet changing user demands.

** AuctionAffaire may be used in a multi-user mode at the event without purchase of FileMaker, using FileMaker's trial version of its software.









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